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PRO$OWERS-Supernaturally Empowered To Give

If you’ve ever been labeled as crazy for having an unexplainable desire to sow and give this book is for you. After a long battle with a generational curse of religion and poverty, Lynetta Dent emerged from the fire with a fresh mantle; one that empowers her to sow, give and reap supernaturally. If you’re looking for a message on basic tithing and giving this book is NOT for you! THIS BOOK, PRO$OWERS, HAS BEEN SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN FOR THOSE WHO: • Desire to dethrone religion and poverty in their family line. • Carry an unexplained desire to sow money spontaneously, liberally and consistently. • Are frustrated with main stream teachings on Kingdom finances (you know there’s more). • Know they are sowers but fear their bills won’t get paid or they will lose what they have (you won’t). • … and much more

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