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Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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A Beginner's Guide To Transitioning Apostolically Ebook

  • You've sat on the sidelines long enough watching life pass you by, and you're frustrated!
  • You've tried to conjer up enough will power to move forward but that hasn't worked nor lasted, you're drained!
  • You've even tried to sow your way out, you're disappointed!

Engaging life in the Kingdom of God will require more than just personal willpower. You will need an Apostolic Spirit to get the job done! An Apostolic Spirit will shift your entire belief system and overall paradigm affording you both supernatural power and the necessary mental fortitude not just to get going but to actually finish what you started.

A Beginner's Guide To Transitioning Apostolically, is part of our Quick Read collection.

We have seen tremendous growth results in the lives of individuals since the introduction of these short, simple, focused equipping resources. The great news is that many of our QUICK READS are PAY WHAT YOU WANT items.

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