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Night Messages Dream Course

"Night Messages" Unlocking Prophetic Dream Codes

(Taken from "I'll Deal With You In The Spirit" Series).

For over 20 years dreams have been ONE of the revelatory vehicles God has used to direct me, correct me, warn me and instruct me.

In fact two days prior to 9/11, I saw the attack in a dream and was given the exact date it would occur.

God has used dreams to expose demonic assignments against our family and ministry and strategies to thwart them.

We've been able to assist Christians with addictions break free simply through Holy Spirit revealing the undercurrent via a dream.

I've even had dreams that revealed specific strategies for healing the body.

Do you have dreams about yourself, your church, your nation but not clear on what they mean? Or how to respond?

Do you need to hear from God desperately but struggling to do so?

Then register for my New Online Course:
"Night Messages"
Unlocking Prophetic Dream Codes

Launches Friday August 2016

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